Started off as a slave in this joint, and now that I'm not they still won't let me leave. Go figure that. Guess it's my charming personality or something.

Gay and finally proud of it.

You mess with me, Seb or Fancy, I'll kick your ass.

Curing Boredom || Sebofsky

Things were finally okay again between Dave and Sebastian. Dave had no idea why that felt like such a relief. Friends fight sometimes, it’s what they do. It shouldn’t have bothered him as much as it had. It was similar to wanting to make things right with Kurt, but still different in a way.

Sometimes it felt like Sebastian was the only thing that still reminded him of real life. That seems weird, since he didn’t know the guy before all this, but Sebastian is more realistic thinking than Kurt. Kurt is… a dreamer, that much was clear. A dreamer who couldn’t accept things as they were. He had to admit that the guy’s not as bad as he’d thought at first, but he still wasn’t ready to face reality. Which bothered Dave. A lot. Kurt still didn’t seem to think that holding someone captive is wrong, and he thinks he can have everything he wants. 

Dave was never the selfish type, so he didn’t understand that reasoning. When you want something, you have to work towards reaching that goal. That’s what he’d always been taught by his dad. When you want fancy stuff, you gotta earn money. When you wanna have a good job, you gotta study hard for it. When you want someone to respect you, you gotta earn that respect. When you want someone to love you, you gotta be patient, woo them, and show them that you care even if there’s like zero chance that it’ll get reciprocated. There’s nothing wrong with trying. And so on. That made him do stupid stuff too, like the lengths  he’d gone to to hide the fact that he’s - no that he might be gay. But that was only one thing. Kurt seemed to think that everything had to go his way. And when it doesn’t, he completely freaks out. Dave still hadn’t forgotten about his encounters with the crop, shock collar and paddle.

But Seb wasn’t like that. He didn’t seem to give a shit about the slavery thing, which isn’t good either, but at least he recognizes that it’s wrong. That was something. And he seemed to know that life isn’t always fun and games, and that you can’t always expect things to go the way you want them to. And other than that, the guy was just a lot of fun to talk to. And it didn’t hurt that they shared quite a bit of common interests too. He was the kinda guy he could see himself talking random shit in the locker room with. And… yeah, the guy’s hot, no use denying that. Fuck, why did he have to be in a mansion with two hot guys? He was damn sure now that this was karma biting him in the ass.

One thing that had improved over time was that he wasn’t on a stupid chain in his ‘room’ anymore, so now he didn’t have to ask Kurt permission to see Seb. Thank God, otherwise he’d probably have to deal with Kurt’s jealousy again, and that definitely wasn’t pretty. Arriving at the room, he decided to knock first. He had no idea what they were going to do together, but anything was better than counting those stupid bottles. Hell… Kurt was worse than a chick! Not even his mom used all of that shit. Not that his mom was pretty like Kurt, but… he doubted Kurt even needed that stuff. Now he wondered if Seb used things like that too.

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